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To obtain the Driver's License {Class-E} in the state of Florida, you must have a set of the following original documents:
1. Primary Identification / 2. Proof of Social Security / 3. Proofs of Residential Address
| Document(s) must be valid for more than 30 days |
> Passport With Social Security Number - or - Birth Certificate With SSN (United States).
> Work Permit with Social Security.
> Green Card, form I-551; I-551 stamp in passport or on I-94, with Social Security.
> Immigration judge’s order, containing the customer’s A-number (admissions number),
granting asylum.
> (Asylum): I-797, containing the customer’s A-number, stating the customer has been granted asylum. Fingerprint letter, and a Valid passport.
> (Regugee): I-797, or another form from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), with the customer’s A-number, stating the customer’s application for refugee status is approved. Fingerprint letter, and a Valid passport.
> Parol of one year - or - Court date in the system - or - First letter of asylum (Notice Receipt). To check if you already have a court date, call (800) 898-7180, when prompted by the system, enter your A# (Admission Number). 
> Humanitarian Parol with Passport, and current i94.
> TOURIST visa with valid i94, and passport.
> (StudentVisa): The F-1 and M-1 classification must be accompanied by an I-20 (form), current i94, and Passport.
> The J-1 or J-2 designation must be accompanied by a DS-2019 (form), current i94, and Passport.
Canadians renewing, replacing, or applying for a new driver's license (click here), for information on what to bring.
Proof of Address (Where you reside)
Clients must present two different documents with their residence address (impressions - or - printed documents) with their names on them. Out-of-state - or - US territory addresses are no longer accepted for applicants obtaining a Florida Class-E license. Clients may not use their current Driver's License or Identification Card as proof of residence address.
If a client is unsure of the required documentation, they should bring with them all the documentation given to them by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

*•Obtaining the Learners Permit License
[First License]
Step One:
Take the Substance Abuse / Alcohol and Drugs course (online only through our page called STEPS TO TAKE: {Page Link Here}
This course may be replaced - or - substituted for an international license accepted by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. The document must be current and in a physical - or - plastic form.
Step Two:
- Study, Take, and Pass the Florida State Knowledge/Permit Test.
- Prep-Course Online a video study guide "And let's study the right way!" (Find Here)
- Practice Permit Test: FREE (Students can review their answers & learn from their mistakes: (Available Here). 
- The Official Online Permit Test: (For 1st Time Drivers 15-17 Years old only: {Take Test Here}

Once you pass the Knowledge/Permit Test, you must go to a Florida Department of Motor Vehicles office to pick up your Learner's License. (Remember to bring all the original documents required by the (DMV), and the paper -proof- of the knowledge exam that says you've passed)_Estimated First Time Cost: $48
Once you obtain your Learner's License, you can choose to take driving lessons with our company at Pacosta Driving School.
*•Obtaining the Class-E License
[The Final License]
*•If you already know how to drive, then you are eligible to take your road test. As long as they give you a (plastic) learner's license. But if it's a paper temporary license, we cannot do the exam until you have the plastic learner's license.__The cost for the skills test: depends on your zip code with our company.
After you pass your skills test, you can return to a DMV office to exchange your learner's license, along with all your original documents, and the paper (proof) that says you've passed the skills test, to exchange it for the final Class-E driver's license. [At no additional cost, unless you're making any changes - for example: Changing your address].
All applicants are subject to be randomly selected for re-examination at the Driver's License or Tax collector office prior to the issuance of any license. You should be aware that you can be chosen at random to repeat any of the two exams (Knowledge -or- Skills) when you visit a DMV office. If you are randomly chosen to re-take the test, there is no additional cost to you from the DMV office for that [re-take] test. *•This random selection tends to be as a security measure by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.
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